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Types of Solar Systems

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In simple terms Solar energy systems are divided into two groups:

1. Hot Water Solar systems (Solar Thermal)

2. Solar Power Systems (Solar Electricity using Solar PV panels)


Solar Hot Water Systems (Solar Thermal)

Hot Water Solar systems have been around for hundreds of years.
The sun heats the panels transferring the heat to the water.
The energy is stored in the water for  later usage.

It is a simple,  reliable and economical process.

The most common types of solar water heaters are:


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Did you know: An average House uses 30%-50% of the energy for Water Heating

Solar Power Systems

Solar Power systems generate electricity from sun light.

The electricity generated is DC (direct current).

The most common types of solar power are:

Grid Tied Solar System

this means that the power generated by the solar panels is converted to AC power (230V) and can be used or sold back to the power grid when power production is greater than power usage (such as in the middle of the day)

Off Grid Solar System

this means that there is no connection to the power grid, and therefore the electricity that is generated needs to be store in batteries for a later use. Off grid solar is advisable for locations where power grid is limited or not available.


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