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Solar saves money, and it’s good for the environment. We all know that.
But which type of solar is the right one for your situation? Solar PV or Solar Hot Water? Maybe a combination of both? What if I have a pool?
What about Power Storage? How to maximise the energy that your system generates?

We are solar solutions company with 30 years experience in New Zealand. We sell and install all types of solar systems, so we are not biased towards any type of solar solution.
Our consultants will analyse your home and your situation and will be able to recommend a system that is right for your situation. A system that will generate more usable energy and at the end of the day, will save you more money.

Steps to take when considering solar:

Step 1: Decide which solar technology is most suitable for my situation?

What type of solar image

Solar Power?
Solar Power with Solar Batteries?
Solar Hot Water?
Solar Pool Heating?
A combination?

If you know which one – go to Step 2
If you are not sure call us 0800 369 377 or Click Here
Consider your available roof space and your energy usage


Step 2: Get an idea for the investment budget for a solar system:

Our Online Quote system will provide you with an indication of:

  • System size to suit your situation
  • Description of main system components
  • Estimated number of power units that the system may generate / save
  • System budget / estimated cost



Step 3: Site specific design – free of charge.

Once the Assessment Stage is completed, we will either conduct a site visit or we will use satellite and solar data technology (or your property plans) to provide you with an exact solar system that works for you.
This service can be arranged within a few days and it is free of charge.

Step 4: Get Started.

Once the quote is confirmed, and a deposit is paid, we will take care of all compliance documents, coordinate the work, and take you through how to get the best out of it during the system hand-over.

Step 5: Relax and Enjoy.

Now you can relax, enjoy free energy from the sun knowing that your have the best system for your situation. Our post sale service and warranties give you years of enjoyment and peace of mind.


Affordable Solar
Affordable Solar Program comes with a variety of options, such as Eco Loans and low interest payments.
Click here to learn more about $2,000 rebate Kiwi Bank eco Loan offer.


We have the knowledge and the experience to help you choose the right system. A system that will save you more money, will serve you longer and give you a peace of mind.

The right System at the Right Price.


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