General comments
Batteries are essential with solar system when:

  1. There is a need to store the energy during the day and use it after sunset
  2. There is a need to provide power outage backup
  3. Grid is not available

Solar Group battery solutions caters to all of the above

Type of Batteries
We are only promoting Storion Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with BMS because:

  1. It is the safest battery – see here
  2. It has a long life – 8,000 cycles – which is equivalent to more than 20 years
  3. We can use 90% of the available energy – Depth of Discharge (DoD)
  4. They are typically 50V which means higher efficiency
  5. They come with a 10-year performance guaranty

Keep It Simple see here
We offer a simple solution called All-In-One
This means that, the Inverter + Batteries + Batteries Control + Safety Switches are in a pre-wire cabinet. The look is very tidy
The actual installation requires a low skill level – AC cables, DC cables and Ethernet cable

You can add more batteries at ease or even start with no batteries

State of the art monitoring
You can see in one snapshot: Power production, power usage, grid usage or export and battery level.
This allows you to achieve full optimization
In addition, the smart power meter allows you to verify the accuracy of the power bill

Solar Power Storage battery

Inverter, Controller & EMS Pre-Wired Cabinet
720705 Storion-Eco S5
5.0kW dual string inverter
Three-battery cabinet
Storion OF3
720707 Storion OF5
5.0kW dual string inverter
Four-battery cabinet. Off Grid, generator relay, super cable box
Up to 14 battery cabinet. Off Grid, generator relay,  UPS Ability
Ten-battery cabinet. Off Grid, generator relay, UPS ability
Storion Battery – Lithium Iron Phosphate
720702 M48100    4.8 KWh     Datasheet
 720709  M48112-P 5.4kWh      Datasheet
 720709  M48112-S 5.7kWh
 720716  M4860    3.0 KWh SMA
720717 M48100  4.8 KWh SMA
720722 SMILE 5 UPS Inverter  Switches & Connection Box                 Datasheet
720721 Smile Battery Box with 5.7kWh LiFePO4 Battery (IP65)
720725 Smile B3 Retro with 2.9kWh LiFePO4Battery
720726 B3 additional with 2.9kWh LiFePO4 Battery M4856-P
720724 Indoor Smile Battery Box with 5.7kWh LiFePO4 Battery
Parts & Accessories
720713 Single phase meter for Hybrid or AC coupling
720714 Power Plug 4-BAT cabinet
720715  Power Plug plus 6-BAT cabinet
710108 GW5048D-ES Hybrid Dual MPPT
5-28 modules, max AC 5,000W
710118 AEV-3048  Hybrid Single MPPT
5-14 modules, max AC 3,000W
710119 Storion EMS System
Complete replacement unit
 710120 Storion Super Cable Kit
Generator relay, extra batteries, home automation

Storion Battery Explained: See the datasheeet

Alpha ESS Storion S5

Storion_ECO_S5 Solar batteries cabinet

Storion T30 Solar Storage

T50-100 Solar Batteries


Storion Solar Battery

Solar Battery M48112-S

Solar Meter