SolarEdge Optimizers
SolarEdge is the 1st comprehensive solution to tackle all challenges encountered with solar PV systems.

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Increased energy yield
Flexible design
Peace of mind

About SolarEdge
Founded in 2006, SolarEdge established the DC power optimiser segment and is leading it with over 70% market share.
By 2012, SolarEdge had shipped over 1,000,000 power optimisers to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Solar Edge

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Solar Edge Power Optimizers      Datasheet
720300 SE P300 MC4                              Datasheet
For a single solar panel up to 300Wp  Voc<48V
720400 SE P350i MC4 (3rd party inverter)     Datasheet
For a single solar panel up to 400Wp  Voc<60V
720100 Safety and Monitoring Interface SMI-35
Retrofit to non-SolarEdge inverters   Datasheet
720100 Solar Edge SE1000-WIFI01   Datasheet

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Solar Edge Single Phase GSM Inverters     Datasheet
722000 SolarEdge SE2200 GSM     Suitable for 8 to 11 panels
723000 SolarEdge SE3000 GSM     Suitable for 8 to 15 panels
723500 SolarEdge SE3500 GSM     Suitable for 8 to 17 panels
724000 SolarEdge SE4000 GSM     Suitable for 8 to 20 panels
724600 SolarEdge SE4600 GSM     Suitable for 8 to 23 panels
725000 SolarEdge SE5000 GSM     Suitable for 8 to 27 panels
 Inverters       Datasheet
727001 SolarEdge SE5K                            For 12 to 25 panels
727002 SolarEdge SE7K                            For 12 to 35 panels
727003 SolarEdge SE8K                            For 12 to 40 panels
727005 SolarEdge SE10K                          For 12 to 50 panels
727006 SolarEdge SE12.5K                       For 12 to 62 panels
 Solar Edge Commercial Inverters
727007 SolarEdge SE15K                           For 12 to 75 panels
727009 SolarEdge SE17K                           For 12 to 85 panels
727010 SolarEdge SE25K                           For 12 to 100 panels
727011 SolarEdge SE27.6K                        For 12 to 110 panels

HD Wave Inverter


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Solar Edge Backup and Storage
725005 SolarEdge SE5000RWS Backup     Datashet
723505 SolarEdge SE3500 Storage AC for Tesla
723505 StorEdge Interface Kit   Instructions

Solaredge monitoring

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