Goodwe NS Single MPPT Wifi Single Phase
710101 Goodwe GW1500-NS
3-10 modules, Max AC 1.5kW
710102 Goodwe GW2000-NS
3-10 modules, Max AC 2.0kW
710105 Goodwe GW3000-NS
3-12 modules, Max AC 3.0kW
Goodwee DNS Dual MPPT Wifi Single Phase
710112 Goodwe GW3000D-NS
3-16 modules, max AC 3,000W
710103 Goodwe GW3600D-NS
5-18 modules, max AC 3,000W
710113 Goodwe GW5000D-NS
5-24 modules, max AC 5,000W
Goodwee DT Dual MPPT Wifi Single Phase
710114 Goodwe GW5000-DT
8-24 modules, max AC 5,000W
710116 Goodwe GW10KN-DT
10-48 modules, max AC 10,000W
710116 Goodwe GW20KN-DT
10-84 modules, max AC 20,000W

Goodwee solar inverter

Modules Smarts
• Maximize the power output of the array and adds DC safety
•Overcome unfavorable shade, orientation & aging
2ES50 Tigo TS4 Optimizer
For solar panels up to 375Wp Voc<52V
20-year warranty
TigoGTWY Tigo Gateway
Scalable wireless communications with each maximizer.
5-year warranty
TigoMMU Tigo MMU Kit
Tigo Energy Management Unit allows monitoring individual performance of each smart module.
5-year warranty
Power Reducer: Surplus power heats the hot water cylinder
700031 Power Reducer
Automatically diverts any surplus PV energy to immersion element.
2-year warranty

Tigo, iboost solar parts