A wide Solar PV frames selection allows installing the PV panels efficiently, with a sufficient mechanical strength while keeping them 50-100mm above the roof surface for ventilation.

If you are in doubt regarding roof strength, contact Solar Group for advice.

All of the below solution frames can withstand winds up to 60 m/sec (216 km/h).

Seek Site-Specific PS1 Certificate when:

1. Roof Structure is outside NZS 3604:1990
2. When site is outside a W region or a LEE Zone
AS/NZS 1170.2:2011

Frame Sets parallel to roof – price per panel
700010 Hanger bolts PV Frame      Video
Suitable for decramastic tile or shingle roofs       Manual
700010W Wave PV Frame corrugated profile roof
 700000 Concrete Tile PV Frame (except for “Spanish style” tiles)      Video
700010T Trim Dek PV Frame trapeze profile roof
700010K KlipLok PV Frame Rib profile roof
700001 Landscape PV Frame Instead of Portrait



Tilt Up Frame Sets – price per panel
700020 Tripod Variable (Radiant) PV Frame     Manual
Hanger bolts roof integration 15’ – 30’    Video
700050 DynoRaxx Ballasted Racking System
10’ pitch available PV Frame          Brochure
DynoRaxx Evolution FR delivers a tool–less ballasted racking system for mounting PV solar panels on flat roofs and surfaces.



Ground Mounting Frame Sets
700061 Neuton Power 10-panel Ground Mounting
700062 Neuton Power 20-panel Ground Mounting
Neuton Power is a Pile Ground Mounting System for large commercial and utility scale PV systems on non–sandy ground. It is suitable for framed or frameless module installations.

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