Sizing Tips
For optimum site specific system, use Heliocol Calculator©
Otherwise, the size of the array shall be 65%-120% of the pool surface area.

This is depending upon:
Climate zone
Sun & wind exposure
Pool colour & depth
Indoor vs. Outdoor pool
Usage of pool thermal cover
Roof orientation and pitch
Roof material & colour
Grade of panels

Sizing of pump is depending on:
Array size
Pipes length, bends and diameter

How does it work ? Video

For optimum site specific system, use Heliocol Calculator©

Durability , Hygiene & Mechanical Strength
Before installing a solar system, ensure that it carries a current NZS2712:2007

Each Heliocol panel is tested under extreme pressure at the fully automated production line.

catalougue-x21 CMYK2_Page_30_Image_0001The panels, the fittings and the fixing system carry an unconditional 10-year
warranty. Heliocol has a unique ceramic compound in the polypropylene mould
that allows running salted water & highly chlorinated water at temperature up to
80°C without affecting the durability or the warranty. Production is environmentally friendly and complies with ISO9001 and ISO14001 requirements

A combination of the unique multi-riser panel with the special alligator fixing
system allows Heliocol to withstand wind forces of up to 190 KMH.

About Heliocol (Mage n Eco Energy )
Founded in 1978
Company headquarter in Israel
Development & production of the highest quality solar pool equipment in the
Largest solar pool heating manufacturer globally
Best warranty coverage

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