Spark Panels                                                           Technical sheet
P1237183 Spark 30     2.77 m² collector (1.23m x 2.31m
P1237113 Spark 40     3.85 m² collector (1.23m x 3.23m)


Roof Fixing
HRK05 Fitting + fixing for standard roof per panel
P1230100 Additional Z Rail – per panel
P1109690 Webbing Instead of bottom Pad
210119 Rib roof integration kit per panel
310120 Tile roof  per panel for stainless straps
Details Membrane roof per plinth pad
Details Racking system


Spark Series Parts
P1203105 Spark Top Mounting Pad
P 1203104 Spark Bottom Mounting Pad
P!1202120 Panel Connector Set
P1109688 Panel Connector C Clamps
P1420210 Panel Connector Clamp Gasket
P1120211 Panel Connector Lock Latch
P14209100 Panel to Pipe Adapter
P1120260 Panel End Cap

Note: If drain back is not possible, use CPVC not PVC

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