Thermal Blanket (Duokote)

When installing a solar system, thermal blanket is most effective cover option for retaining the heat in the pool.

Duokote has a thermal resistance (R) value of 0.094 and virtually eliminates evaporation. Duokote covers can save up to 70% of the pool heating energy requirements.
$44.60 per square meter

Bubble Blanket (Soltego)

Recommended for a swimming pools with high sun exposure in climates with higher ambient air temperature.
Bubble cover allows solar energy to pass through the cover, heating the pool during the day, but comes with greater heat losses than Duokote during the night.

400 Micron $19.50 per square meter
500 Micron $22.10 per square meter
600 Micron $24.70 per square meter

Residential Cover Reels

• Extends the life of the cover
• Durable construction – Stainless and aluminium
• For all shape pool covers

My-T-40 (up to 40 sqm pools) $680 to $720
My-T-60 (up to 60 sqm pools) $780 to $835
My-T-80 (up to 80 sqm pools) $880 to $1,050
My-T-100 (up to 100 sqm pools) $1,490 to $1,590

Commercial and School Cover Reels

• Designed for heavy use
• Maximum deck clearance
• Heavy duty construction for extra long or extra wide shapes

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