Solar Pool Controllers                              Brochure
SV2 Aquasmart5 pump booster (Controller)
SV2PSA Aquasun3CD pump w current switch
SV2RR Aquasun3 with radio transmitter
V00780 V7 Solar Controller Auxiliary Heater
SV2AV40 Motorised valve kit w controller 40 mm
SV2AV50 Motorised valve kit w controller 50 mm
SMS3DRSENSOR Roof Sensor with Pad 20m Cable
SMS5DRSENSOR Roof Sensor with Pad 50m Cable
SMSXDRSENSOR Roof Sensor End Probe Kit
SMS3DPSENSOR Pool Sensor with Grommet 2m Cable
SVFS50 Flow Switch 50mm
SVPSA01 Pressure Switch 40mm


PVC Black Fittings
Q10101 40mm PVC Pipe – Black class D 6.0m
Q10102 50mm PVC Pipe – Black class D 6.0m
Q10004 40mm PVC Elbow – Black  90’
Q10006 40mm PVC Elbow – Black  45’
Q10015 50mm PVC Elbow – Black  90’
Q10008 50mm PVC Elbow – Black  45’
Q10043 40mm PVC Tee Black
QH53/B Plain Coupler Black 40mm
Q10134 Clip for Black Pipe 40mm Polypropylene
Q10136 Clip for Black Pipe 50mm Polypropylene
Q10064 40mm Mac Union


PVC White Fittings
Q10103 40mm PVC Pipe – White class D 6.0m
Q10104 50mm PVC Pipe – White class D 6.0m
Q10015 40mm PVC Elbow – White  90’
Q10005 40mm PVC Elbow – White  45’
Q10001 50mm PVC Elbow – White  90’
Q10007 50mm PVC Elbow – White  45’
Q10044 40mm PVC Tee White
Q10042 50mm PVC Tee White
QH53/A Plain Coupler White 40mm
Q10135 Clip for White Pipe 40mm
Q10137 Clip for White Pipe 50mm
Q10002 40/50mm Reducing bush
QP1227 40mm to 25BSP Reducing bush


Solar Pumps with Hair and lint pot
R1360SF050 Solar Pool Pump 350W FX 0.50HP
R1360SF550PNV Solar Pool Pump 550W FX 0.75HP
 R1395-9223 Solar Pool Pump 750W FX 1HP
R1364SF1100PNV Solar Pool Pump 1100W 1.5HP
R1364SF1500PNV Solar Pool Pump 1500W FM 2.0HP
R1364SF2200PNV Solar Pool Pump 2200W FM 3.0HP
R1395-EPUMP Energy Efficient 7-star 1½ HP Epump


Q10039 40mm Non Return valve
Q10040 50mm Non Return valve
Q3944 40mm Two Way Valve
Q3945 40mm Three Way Valve
Q3946 50mm Two Way Valve
Q3947 50mm Three Way Valve
QW4724 40mm Two Way Valve CPVC
QW4715 40mm Three Way Valve CPVC
QW5715 50mm Three Way Valve CPVC
P109648 Air Vacuum Valve
P14201410 Air Relief Valve
Q10070 In-line strainer 40mm


Array Parts   (1st set at no charge per system)
HRK00 Heliocol Number of Arrays
HRK01 Heliocol Air Vacuum Valve Set


P1HC-131 Heliocol Repair Kit with Tool
P11202910 Heliocol Repair Kit no Tool
P11241010 Sample Heliocol Panel and Board
P11232010 Sample Spark Panel
215118 Rivnut Tool
215119 Rivnut Set with Neoprene Washer

Aquasmart-5-controller - Solar Pool Heating


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