Everyone would like to have solar reality however, is that less than 12% of properties in New Zealand have one.

Why is that?
Because during the buying process we are led to believe that it is not
affordable or not durable.
Solar Group’s mission is to challenge this way of thinking:
Cost Over Life Cycle = initial cost plus running costs.
In 99% of the situations Solar Cost Over Life Cycle is the lowest.
Most alternatives, such as Heat Pumps have less than 5-year durability.
They may be named “renewable”, however they are definitely not a
sustainable solution.

Pay Back is getting shorter with the rising energy prices:

      • 25% of all projects have a 3-5 year payback
      • ƒ 60% of all projects have a 7-9 year payback
      • 15% of all projects have a 10 or more year payback

With Environmental Ratings such as Green Star and Home Star, no doubt
going forward, solar is already appreciating real property value.
If you cannot afford solar today, at least ensure that it is Solar-friendly
and Solar-ready.


Prices in this catalogue are Recommended Retail Prices excluding GST
ex Albany, Auckland.
As a trade partner of Solar Group, you enjoy better buying prices and
freight may be exempt.
Prices and products may change from time to time; Herefore check the
online catalogue or the Portal before making commercial commitments.
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The short answer answer is all of them.

solar-wot-water Solar Water heating

  • Take up only a small roof space
  • Stores the energy for a later use
  • Collects approximately 75% of the available energy
  • Best results when water usage exceeds 150 litre per day.

 solar-power Solar Power

  • Take up a more significant roof space
  • Does not stores the energy – unless comes with storage batteries
  • Converts approximately 19% of the available energy into power
  • Best results when the power is consumed while it is generated

solar-pool-heating Solar Pool heating

  • Requires a significant roof space
  • Stores the energy for a later use
  • Collects as much as 90% of the available energy
  • Best form of heating a swimming pool 5-8 months a year
Price of Electricity and Solar (past 30 years)

Prices of Electricity Vs Solar (past 30 years)

“ I’d put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy, what a source of Power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out, before we tackle that.”

-Thomas Edison