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We Service All Types of Solar Systems

If you have a solar system that needs service or parts – you are at the right place! Whether you bought your system from us or not we most likely to have the parts and the know-how to service or repair your system and get that sunshine in again.

Solar systems, whilst very reliable, do need a service from time to time – just like your car, your boat or any other system. Your solar system may not be producing as much energy as it could and all it takes is a service. Or, you may have a system that came with the house you bought and you have no idea when was it last serviced. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can help you with any type of system.

We have installed more solar systems in New Zealand and the Pacific region then any other company. We are the only company that supply and install ALL TYPES OF SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS. We have been doing it for 30 years! so we know just about everything there is to know about solar in New Zealand.


  • What is a routine service?

    During the service we conduct routine maintenance work such as:

    • Pressure & temperature
    • Booster & pump operation
    • Valve function
    • Pipework
    • Lagging
    • Cleaning collectors


Here is what one of our recent customers have to say about our service:

Dear Ronit and Roy,

I am pleased to be able to report that the hot water from our taps is once again running hot!

Thank you both for your attention to our solar hot water heater problem this week. I really appreciate the obviously thorough knowledge and expertise you both have with regard to your products and services. I also very much appreciate that you arrived on site at precisely the time you said you would, complete with everything you might need to fix our system.

You may be surprised to learn that of the many companies I have contacted in the last two weeks,  you are the first company which has demonstrated these qualities, which are simply about providing good service. Right from my first phone enquiry I felt confident that you would be able to assist us, and that you had a full understanding of the issues.

Thank you and well done!  I am very happy to recommend Solar Group to my neighbours.


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