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With Solar, timing is very important.

Thinking about solar in advance can save thousands of dollars later.

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  • Some Important Tips

    solar-ready-box1. When building a new home or when renovating and the budget is tight,  for a moderate budget make your home solar ready:

    Solar Ready Hot Water Cylinder is a brilliant idea for a small extra cost.
    Solar Ready for PV is another fantastic option.

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    2. When building a swimming pool, adding a couple of dedicated lines such as a second suction point and a couple of jets for a future solar system costs  very little.

    3. When changing the hot water system, consider some extra space in the house by moving the hot water cylinder to the roof , or outside and make sure that it is a solar ready one

    4. When applying for any building consent, add solar panels as an option – you have up to two years to install them. Doing it that way, saves a lot of time and money later.

    5. If a future wetback is a possibility, position a GreenGlo dual coil tank above the fireplace position

  • GreenGlo Solar Ready Cylinder


    Hot Water Cylinder

    GreenGlo cylinders have been proven over the years to be one of the most popular Solar Ready and Wetback Ready cylinders.

    They come with all solar options both closed loop and open loops.  They come with a double protection for high temperature, dedicated probe pockets and a temperature gauge.

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  • Outside tanks make sense

    Edwards-cylindarHaving the tank outside make sense, because it keeps more room in the house and running the solar pipes to the roof is easier too.

    We offer cutting edge outdoor solar tanks for very attractive prices.

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We all understand that one of the main challenges of the 21st century will be energy resources and prices. As we build more homes we should ensure that they can accommodate present and future energy needs. Solar ready homes are becoming more popular and if you are building a new home, insist that is is solar ready.


Forward thinking Builders and Architects can enjoy attractive Solar Ready packages with Solar Group.

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