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Power Storage (Solar Batteries) – Grid Backup – Off Grid

Power storage and grid backup solutions. Solar Power with energy independence

Solar Group is again leading the market with top quality, modular, scalable and highly efficient smart power storage and grid backup solutions.
Unlike others, our Solution is Customer Centred* – giving you the control over the power distribution during normal operations and during power outage. 

*Commonly, storage systems use the battery to power the whole house in case of an outage. With our system you can configure which appliances/lights draw power from the battery, so your battery can last longer.

The Storion S5 and Storion Eco Series are perfect additions to any solar power (PV) system.
Be energy independent, safe and future ready. High voltage, top quality and very efficient!

...The team where very helpful in getting us up and running as we did not have any internet at the time of install.
We are absolutely delighted with the product, ease of use and flexibility “

-Angela Norman

Our Alpha ESS Storion Systems are  simple all-in-one, plug-n-play solutions.Solar Batteries SMILE Series

Can be used in Off-grid situations or as a Grid-backup for homes and businesses.

More information about OFF GRID

Storion system can be easily fitted to any existing situation and to connect to future additions.

All our systems are scalable – adding storage is as easy as chucking in another battery.

The Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the safest on the market.

We can confidently say that we offer the best price per Battery Cycle per KWh*

The Storion system can be used as a DC coupling, AC coupling and Hybrid coupling.

Back up during power cuts – don’t loose data and productivity.

SMILE5-Solar Battery System

SMILE5- Modular Solar Battery System

*New: SMILE B3  Retrofit Battery System

This system can be installed on ANY existing solar system. Contact us for more information. See the technical sheet Here

*Coming up:

T10 3phase semi commercial/ residential system see the datasheet Here

Solar battery NZ remote access

Online Monitoring at your fingertips.



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Solar Storage advantages

*Batteries have 3 main measuring scales: KWh (Capacity), Number of Cycles, and DOD (Depth Of Discharge). Each of these measurements can affect the way the battery can be used and for how long. Our batteries are best priced when considering all 3 parameters: Capacity times DOD divided by Number of Cycles.


 Solar Group helps you harness the sun’s energy. We are a market leader in Solar Solutions. Talk to us if you are looking for the latest solar technology.

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