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Solar Pool Heating

It’s time to enjoy your swimming pool!

Double Your Swimming Season! If you want to double your swimming season this year and the years ahead, now is a great time to install a Solar Pool Heating System. Using solar energy to heat your swimming pool is very effective and its a great way to save – both the environment and on your power bill. Solar pool heating uses the pool itself as the thermal storage unit and the existing pump that the pool uses cir
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solar power optimiser

Power Optimizer – new technology now in New Zealand

Solar Group –A market leader in the Solar panels market in NZ since 1986 is happy to announce distribution partnership that expands the product offering of Solar Group and answers the increasing demand for solar innovative systems. Solar Group is a New Zealand owned and operated company with nearly 30 year experience in the solar market. Its business model is service oriented and it holds an extensive evaluation proc
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Our Great Summer Is Over

Our summer is coming to the end with daylight saving finishing last weekend. Personally I loved this summer in Auckland particular March. Lots of sun and very little rain. According to the government’s Monthly Climate Summary for March it was not just Auckland, most places experienced abnormally dry conditions as high pressure systems lingered over the country. Rainfall was more than 50 per cent lower than usua
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Is Solar Hot Water Cost Effective?

Our team has been asked many times if solar hot water is a cost effective solution, and for many of our homes in New-Zealand the answer is simply YES. New research published by ARENA (Australia Renewable Energy Agency) (Feb, 2014) Suggests that solar thermal is a cost effective solution for powering a hungry grid. The solution might be a CST (Concentrated Solar Power). CST offers large scale energy storage and can pl
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