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Solar-power installation for tiny house

Installing Solar Power for Tiny House NZ

Our friends from ‘Tiny House’ asked us help with installing Solar Power for one of their tiny houses. Limited roof area and the ability for the panels to withstand very high winds and vibrations (when driving and moving the house) where two of the challenges we had to tackle. We installed 4 x 285 watts solar panels, giving a total of 1140 watts per hour. Check out this video of the installation:
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Apple and solar power

If Apple will invest all their money into solar energy

If Apple will invest all their money into solar energy, how much they’ll produce? Let us begin with a few caveats. The extra money Apple has, which can be referred to as cash at hand, money in the bank or cash reserve, actually fluctuates. Contrary to common perception, cash at hand is not exactly having the piles of cash stocked up in the Cupertino safes. Also, the cash at hand is reported from time to time so one c
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Solar Power Energy

Where Does Your Power Come From?

Renewable energy is a big topic of discussion around the world today. Fossil fuels, the traditional modern energy source, are not an infinite resource. This means that despite any disadvantages that can be argued on, it is important to think ahead about switching to a renewable energy source that cannot be run dry. Solar energy is one of the most commonly discussed sources of energy. So what are the main reasons that
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Future of Solar Energy

Future Trend of Solar Power

The evolution of solar power has been an incredible journey. Today you can find this power source used in many different places. It is possible to find swimming pools heated by solar energy. Many homes and businesses are at least partially powered by this fossil fuel alternative. The appealing thing about solar is the fact that it is clean and safe to use. This is very alluring to those concerned about the environmen
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Solar Powered Car driving in auckland

Solar Car: The Future is Now

You knew it was coming. The moment we began to harness the power of the sun it was just a matter of time until the solar car would be born. It could be that you are asking yourself if a solar-powered vehicle could actually be legally ready for the road. It seems that the innovative manufacturers at EVX Ventures believe that one is. They have named it “The Immortus.” The company specializes in electric vehicles and is
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climate change & solar power

The role of solar power in mitigating the world’s changing climate.

Climate change has already begun transforming life on earth. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was created to tackle the challenges posed by climate change. What is climate change? It is a long-term shift in the planet’s weather patterns due to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. It is caused partly by natural occurrences, like volcanic activity, but
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The growth of solar energy and what’s leading cutting edge technology

  The growth of solar energy and what’s leading cutting edge technology According to a top researcher in New Zealand, by the middle of the century, the average consumer of electricity will prefer solar energy over other energy forms. Tapping solar energy and converting it into electricity has never turned out to be as efficient and cheap. The rate at which solar energy is being adopted by the world is mass
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Solar Pool Heating

It’s time to enjoy your swimming pool!

Double Your Swimming Season! If you want to double your swimming season this year and the years ahead, now is a great time to install a Solar Pool Heating System. Using solar energy to heat your swimming pool is very effective and its a great way to save – both the environment and on your power bill. Solar pool heating uses the pool itself as the thermal storage unit and the existing pump that the pool uses cir
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solar power optimiser

Power Optimizer – new technology now in New Zealand

Solar Group –A market leader in the Solar panels market in NZ since 1986 is happy to announce distribution partnership that expands the product offering of Solar Group and answers the increasing demand for solar innovative systems. Solar Group is a New Zealand owned and operated company with nearly 30 year experience in the solar market. Its business model is service oriented and it holds an extensive evaluation proc
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