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Solar Energy to Power Air Conditioners

Using the Solar Energy to Power Air Conditioners

There is one drawback to living in a sunny country and that is how expensive it is to keep air conditioners running. People who live in cooler climates, or even in countries that have a chilly winter, cannot understand how necessary air conditioning is to places that have year-long heat and sun.   Saudi Arabia Looking to Use the Sun to Cool Things Down The areas inside Saudi Arabia are some of the hottest places
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solar panels replacing tarmac

The Results of Replacing Tarmac Roads with Solar Panels Trials

On paper, the idea of installing solar panels on our road network seemed like a brilliant idea. This brave new world plan went viral a few years ago. It promised this was the solution to climate change with a side benefit of reaping huge financial rewards for the economy.   To bring us all back to earth with a bang, the results from the practical and empirical stats are in and they are not as sunny as they were
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Why More Schools in NZ Should Be Switching to Solar Energy Now

Why More Schools Should Be Switching to Solar Energy Now New Zealand has set itself the goal of being 90 percent renewable energy reliant by 2025. That’s quite a tall order, but it is in keeping with some other forward-thinking countries who want to reduce pollution: Norway, Britain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and India will ban the sale of fossil fuel and combustion engine cars within the next decade. China i
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the future of solar

Solar Power: A Future in Sustainable Energy

Solar Power: A Future in Sustainable Energy Solar power is the energy source of the future. It’s the conversion of energy emitted by sunlight into usable electricity. The energy source is highly sustainable and indefinitely renewable. In other words, solar power does not contribute to the depletion of our natural resources, nor does it emit greenhouse gasses. It is indefinitely renewable, due to the fact that we are
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amazon apple google using renewable energy

Why are New Zealand Companies Not Following American Companies’ Quest for Green Energy?

New Zealand is strongly focused on obtaining its energy from renewable sources like hydropower and geothermal power. Around 40% of New Zealand’s primary energy comes from it and 80% of all electricity in the country utilises green energy. This is only the beginning – a national target of 90% renewable electricity usage is mapped out as achievable by 2025. Are NZ tech companies on board with this? Or are they lagging
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Elon Musk and the new solar roof

Elon Musk and The New Solar Roof

The name Elon Musk conjures up many thoughts, but chief among them is the notion that the man is a genius. Not only has he revolutionized the way we drive our vehicles and think about space, but now he is planning to take over the home-owner market by storm. Rather than making solar panels the old-fashioned way, Musk is planning to not only revolutionize power homes, but to revolutionize the way we think about the ae
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Solar Panels from Solar Group NZ

Solar Power Breakthrough Baby!

What is solar power? We have used the sun for thousands of years. We learnt quickly about its benefits, and it is no wonder that we eventually harnessed its power to help change the world. Solar power is the concept of turning the sun’s heat or light into energy. So for example, we convert the sun’s light into electricity, where we then use it to power our needs. Solar Panels – What are they made of? A solar pa
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Project-Sunroof- Google Solar Power analysis

Solar power – Do you know how valuable your roof is?

Solar power is emerging globally, and is becoming more viable to rely on. Typically, it used to be more expensive due to the leveling costs. However, it is now an extremely low-cost alternative to relying solely on mainstream utility companies. The big question is, does your roof get enough sunlight? Really, you notice how much sun is around your property, don’t you? You look to see if you can hang the washing
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Solar vs Coal

The Advances Of Wind And Solar Against Coal

It may not seem like it, but clean energy is making strides in the world. In 2015, the IEA (International Energy Agency) announced that for the first time ever, renewable energy distanced itself from coal as the biggest source for power-generating capacity. In the past, the IEA has criticized the wind/solar energy projections for being too low. That seems to be changing, with the IEA changing their tune, as well. Las
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