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Solar Energy for the Pacific Reigion

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our solar hot water heating and our associated products. For Pacific Island installations we recommend to our customers the Solahart L Series.
Solahart L Series comes with World wide certification and Standard Mark as your assurance of product quality and reliability. It is well suited to sub tropical installations with high sunshine hours and requires little servicing.
Those models combine the advantages of simplicity of installation and service with rugged durability and dependable efficient production of Solar hot water, which makes it ideal for Pacific & Polynesian Island installations. All products are of course fitted with electric elements and thermostats for booster back up during periods of low solar activity.

Solar Group has been installing solar systems in the pacific Islands since 1986. Our Solahart and Solar Edwards are well appreciated by the locals as durable, reliable and have  a high output.
We understand the specific needs such as the ability to stand high winds (Cyclones), and proximity to the sea (salt water and corrosion resistance).
Our system save money on power bill from the first day of operation – and have long lasting warranties.

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