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Looking for Solar Edwards System? Solar Group can help you.

solar-edwards is now Solahart Stainless

Solar Edwards has changed its name and is now sold under Solahart  brand as Solahart Stainless. The same product under a different brand.

If you have a Solar Edwards system and you needs service or parts – call us. We Have all the parts and the tools to service any Solar Edwards Solar Hot Water system. If you need a replacement for a Solar Edwards System, We have the Solahart Stainless. The same system under the new name!

We at Solar Group have been working with the Solar Edwards system for many years and we have the experience to service anyone who needs parts or service for an Edwards/Solarhart system.

Solar Edwards has been around for 40 years, manufacturing solar water heaters designed for Australia and New Zealand’s toughest conditions.

A consumed anode is a common reason for corrosion in mild steel cylinders. Because of this, Solar Edwards made their systems stainless steel in order to be more resistant to corrosion than ordinary carbon or alloy steel systems. Our stainless steel Solahart products come in different colours to blend in with your roof colour.

Figures show the Edwards/Solahart Solar hot water can slash up to 75% of your hot water bill if installed correctly in New Zealand!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for parts or installation and maintenance, as it’s very important to implement the system properly, taking into account the direction your house faces and the pitch of your roof.

We can help you as we specialise in these systems and have done thousands of installations of Edwards and Solahart systems all over new Zealand and the Pacific region.

Solar Edwards Solar Hot Water System          Solar Edwards is now Solahart StainlessSolahart stainless Solar Hot Water System

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