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Residential Solar Power + Batteries

John W. – Greymouth

Tech Specs:

  • X30 Trina 335Wp Mono Half-cell solar panels
  • Smile5 Battery Inverter
  • Smile Battery – 10.1kWh Outdoor
  • Smile Hybrid Power Meter
  • Two String DC Cable + Earth Kit

John’s Solar Journey

We teamed up with our friends at Aotea Electrical, to design and install a customised system for John, who lives in Greymouth, NZ. We had a chat with John, to get to know why he decided to go solar.

John’s goal is to be independent off the grid and have his own energy source to power his family home. The two most important reasons for installing solar are to:

  1. Avoid problems that occurs when the grid is down
  2. Add value to their home.


Although the benefits of living rural are favourable, John and his family live in an area that is on a major fault line, and should a major event occur, this tends to cause the grid to go offline and disconnects the family from essential living requirements. Now that he and his family are able to power their home by the sun, they are storing excess power in their solar battery, for when the sun is down. This means, that their evening cuppa tea, lights, and more, are powered by green, sustainable energy.

During our chat with John, he explains that installing solar, will help cut fixed costs once he and his wife reach retirement, not to mention, add a considerable value to their property to make it an attractive package if they decide to sell one day.

Although it’s early days, John is enjoying being self-reliant from the grid.

“I was very impressed with the free and open chats Solar Group (Fletcher) was prepared to give me on any question I had during my investigation stage. Steve and Michael were two great workers to have on-site. They truly appeared to enjoy working on the job together and Steve’s technical knowledge I could see was immensely valuable. Any time we asked a question they were more than happy to stop and explain.”

-John W.


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