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Solar systems in New Zealand – Regulations and resource consent

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Resource consent for solar systems in New Zealand


Solar Water Heating is highly regulated in New Zealand
Solar water heaters of all types require a building consent. Under the Building Act, It is the responsibility of the home owner to obtain such consent.

Our local representatives are very experienced with councils requirements. Therefore, to make the process smoother and quicker asking our solar consultants to facilitate the building consent application on your behalf is a good idea.
More than 15 councils around the country have a fee-wave policy for Installation of Solar Water Heating systems. In addition, all Solar Group systems comply with durability standard NZS2712:2007. It is a mandatory requirement.
All systems shall be installed by a certified craftsman plumber.

Solar Pool Heating requirements
In most cases, solar pool heating do not require a building consent, unless:
The system is very large and may compromise the roof structure, or pipes run inside the envelop of the building.
Our Heliocol solar pool systems comply with NZS2712:2007 for customer peace of mind.

Solar Power consent requirements.
Many councils do not require a building consent for solar power. Some require an application for exemption per and others require no paperwork.

Large systems that may compromise the roof structure may need consent, especially when inclination frame is used.

It is however required that:

  • Solar panels shall comply with IEC61730  and Inverters with AS4777
  • Apply for grid connection from the line company
  • Request a smart meter from the power company
  • Request a producer statement or the panels mounting system
  • Request an energy certificate when the job is completed


Your Solar Group consultant will organize all of the above on your behalf.

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