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CURRENT SPECIAL: SKYLIGHT (Fully Installed) from $995*




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  • Sola Skylights

    sola-skylightSola Skylight with Flexi-tube not only gives you superior light transmission but is also easily installed in a matter of hours.

    Available in two sizes (400mm and 500mm) to suit any room or roof type and its modern aerodynamic design on the roof prevents wind noise and water build up.

    Sola Skylight keeps natural daylight in your living areas
    Sola Skylight creates better Indoor Environments with Natural Light
    Sola Skylights are sure to have a style to suit your home or business

    Sola Skylight is a very strong product that will breathe new life into your bathroom, kitchen, living areas, bedrooms or office. With a large range of diffuser styles, dome options, leadlight designs and accessories, Sola Skylights are sure to have a style to suit your home or business

    Skylight for bathroom, ensuite or kitchen

    Skylights can bring additional value to your home, as a bright well lit home is attractive and more saleable.

    Maybe the bathroom, ensuite or kitchen. Now you can have the best of both worlds with Sola Skylight Easy Change Vent option.

    The vented Sola Skylight allows steam or hot stale air to escape freely. However, we call it the Easy Change Vent because it can be removed or changed as climate dictates.

    If more substantial venting is required other options are available.

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  • Solar Ventilation

    How does it work?
    Whenever the sun shines, SolarVenti will blow fresh, warm and dry air into the building ensuring humidity and smells are removed.
    The Air Panel warms up, and the PV section will turn on the fan.
    No need for electricity! It is simple, efficient and free.

    Keep your house fresh and dry with SolarVenti and help your heating during winter!
    Ideal for family homes, holiday homes, caravans, attics, garages requiring fresh air and ventilation.
    Stop the mould & bad smells
    We all know it too well; houses with poor ventilation can be unhealthy in winter months.
    SolarVenti is cost effective, trouble-free solution.

    Solar Panels Positioning
    A north, north-east or north-west facing site with minimal shade is ideal.
    SolarVenti can either be mounted directly on the wall or roof-mounted, affixed to the special brackets. The valve for airflow regulation is installed inside the house and connects via a flex-tube to the solar air panel and fan outside.

    Easy to install
    The system can be fitted within a few hours, either by an installer or by a handyman. The only tools needed are a power drill, screwdriver, hammer and chisel. Full, simple instructions for installation are provided.

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  • Solar & Heat Exchanger parts

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