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How much energy is generated

We Are Fortunate
New Zealand has very high solar irradiation available
Even the coldest parts of the South Island have 30% more irradiation than Central Europe

The Optimum Roof Orientation
Collector panels should face North ±45⁰
Northwest is better than Northeast
Any orientation is possible with a pitched frame

Collector panels must be ±20⁰ off latitude (except for solar pool panel that can be flat)
Steeper roof will achieve better winter performance

Avoid shading between 10am and 3pm
Maintain bush and trees where possible

The More You Use, The More You Save
For solar water heating, higher usage of hot water makes the system more cost effective.
For solar power, usage of energy during daytime makes the system more cost effective.
For solar pool heating, passive solar and pool cover improve system efficiency.

Site Specific Performance
Our Solar consultants are trained to provide you with the exact answer of what your roof solar capacity is.
This analysis is based on NZS4234:2008, and the particular site and energy usage.




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