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Energy Assessment – Get smarter

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Do you know how your energy consumption spread and who are the major energy usage components in your property?

Would you like to know how to better manage it, and how to use load shifting, to significantly reduce your power bill?

Our experienced consultants can perform an Energy Assessment for you.

We’ll draw an Energy Use Profile for your property:

  • Identify the components that are ‘heavy’ energy users.
  • Assess the energy running costs of your swimming pool
  • Identify daily & seasonal usage patterns.
  • Check your roof availability & suitability for solar panels
  • Recommend the most suitable solar technology to cut energy costs – considering your budget and priorities.
  • Recommend Load Shifting strategies that you can use to reduce energy costs


*Assessments on new properties are estimates – by using common consuming patterns.

Book a Free Energy Assessment for your property:

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