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We have been installing solar systems all around NZ and the Pacific for 30 years.

Here is just a very small sample of our clients testimonials:


“During the 6-days power cut that west Auckland experienced, we became quite popular, with neighbours . We were the only house in the area with uninterrupted power and water supply. Off grid – love it. We are looking to install some more solar panels” 

Jordan Road, Kaukapakapa

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“The solar system of Solar Group has exceeded our expectation. As a result of this, the board of directors is not considering an additional 22kW system to be installed this year.” 

Waipu Cove Camp    

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“The solar system of Solar Group has exceeded our expectation. As a result of this, we decided to go for an additional 10kW system to be installed this year.”

Lambie Studios 2017

“Thank you for sending us those items, the system has been up and running for a few weeks now and running perfectly.

The tank in the yellow circle is about 50 m higher than the pump. The pump is rated up to 90 m head, so we can fill troughs on the neighbour’s place further up the hill if we are running stock up there. The pump is a Grundfos SQF 1.2-2 helical, designed for PV systems.
The pump will run (slowly) even before the sun’s up, just using the indirect general radiation from the sky. That’s great because I don’t want to run out of stock water in winter when it could be heavy overcast for a week or 2 continuously.

It was a lot of mucking around to get the poles and timber frame properly lined up before fitting the rails – a bolt-up steel structure and pre-cast concrete foundations would have been a lot simpler – I’d definitely go that way next time.

Thanks for your patient advice, we are really pleased with your service, and if we want more solar installations we’ll be back in touch.”

Best wishes

John Britton
12 June 2016

“Attached is the actual power usage I monitored when we got the Solahart system installed and then with the

controller. I didn’t realise that it was already 10 years ago.

I had used the average daily power use as the basis for comparison and you can see when the controller
was installed. We set it so that it would only turn on when the water got down to 30C then turn off about 50C
during the summer. The daily unit consumption dropped by half during the period Oct to March. Power price
has gone from 18 cents per unit to now 27 cents. The savings are greater even now.

We have the cylinder turned off for most of the summer here in Taupo and we were able to manage our
power consumption to ensure we never ran out of hot water. We have a 300 litre tank and two panels for a
family of four. There were days last summer when the temperature showed 84C, the highest we had seen.
We do our hot laundry at this time, or my wife runs a bath and lets it cool enough to use an hour later.
Sometimes we have too much hot water and we have seen the cylinder dump the load. Tell me how that is
not a good investment. Everyone told us it was not worth it but we took advantage of a Government interest
free loan at the time and we had to replace the cylinder anyway when we extended the house. It was a winwin
for us.

The key is to wash the solar panels at least, or better twice, a year. It was noticeable on the temperature
gauge how quickly the cylinder heated when the panels were clean.

If people are yet to be convinced, feel free to tell them to get in touch with me.”

Many thanks
René Weterings
6 May 2015

“Hello Roy,

I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the new solar panels at our pool.
The water temperature is much more comfortable than before and the system is operating well.
The whole community is ecstatic about the result, and my thanks to you for your help and contribution to making things happen.”

Maurice Fordham


“RE: Solar System Installed at Nelson City Fitness Centre

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continuous support.
The 64m² solar panels system with 4,000 litre boilers, was install at the fitness centre during mid 2010.
It was geared up with a monitoring system that allow us to monitor the energy that the system is saving, the power, the radiation and the temperatures in various places.
It also alerts us for any abnormal events.

We are satisfied with the way that the system operate and the energy saving.
Whenever there were maintenance issues, your company responded efficiently.

We can recommend Solar Group to other companies that are looking for commercial solar applications”

Best regards,
Jason Kemp
24 August 2014

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