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Lambie Studios

15.9KW - Commercial Grid Tied PV system
Lambie Studios PV solar system by solar group
System Size: 15.9kW
System Type: Commercial Grid Tied
Inverter Model: Solar Edge 15kW
Solar Panels: Canadian Solar 265W
Configuration: 3 phase, 2xMPPT
Forecast Saving (annually): 22,000kWh
Actual Saving (annually): 21,400kWh

Client Feedback:

“The solar system of Solar Group has exceeded our expectation. As a result of this, we decided to go for an additional 10kW system to be installed this year.”


Project Description:

The client was approaching Solar Group to reduce their power usage in the most cost effective way.
The production results were very similar to the forecast and the power export was very minimal (less than 5%) which triggered the notion to move into stage 2 of this exciting project.

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