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Jordan Road, Kaukapakapa

Residential Off Grid solar system
Solar PV New Zealand Kaukapakapa
System Size: 2.3kW with 14.4kWh storage
System Type: Residential Off Grid
Inverter Model: Storion OF5
Solar Panels: 12 x 190W (up to 5kW extra in future)
Configuration: 1 phase, 2 x MPPT
Power Suport: Autostart 10kVA generato
Batteries: 3x 4.8kWh LiFePO4 modules

Client Feedback:

“During the 6-days power cut that west Auckland experienced, we became quite popular, with neighbours . We were the only house in the area with uninterrupted power and water supply. Off grid – love it. We are looking to install some more solar panels” 

OF5Project Description:

Fully offgrid system with flexibility to add more panels and more batteries if demand rises which is a concept unique to Lithium battery design.
The generator is autostart with the main purpose to simply keep the batteries above 25% state of charge at all times.
The OF5 turns the generator on and off automatically while the client enjoys continuous power.
Remote monitoring via permanent Internet connection.

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