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Ashwood Park Rest home

Retirement village invests in solar water heating – South Island

With the installation of four solar water heating systems in his Ashwood Park Retirement Village, owner Alan Dempsey says he would certainly consider installing more systems if he were to build any new developments.
He was first introduced to solar water heating when he purchased his 120 plus bed retirement village in Blenheim in October 2006.

A 20 bedroom unit was under construction at the time of purchase and solar was the choice of water heating for the unit.

Each system services five bedrooms, heating water for the showers and hand wash basins.
Alan says he never has trouble with a lack of hot water and would definitely look at installing solar water heating again. “It’s working for us, it’s saving us money and it’s got to be better than straight electric,” says Alan.

Demand for hot water is between 15,000 kWh and 20,000 kWh a year for the unit.
Each system is designed to save up to $550 or 4,400 kWh a year when rooms are occupied.
It is estimated that a total of $1,800 a year will be saved across the four systems.

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