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Best solar buy back rates 12c

Best Payback – Power Export at 12.5c !

Best power export rate in the market: 12.5c – Unlimited!

New or Existing solar systems.

Solar Group Best Payback is not only a Promise it is our Moto.
Our team lives and breath Best Payback on multiple levels:

  • Using a variety of solar technologies for best value for money.
  • Under-sizing philosophy, instead of over-capitalizing, since our solar and battery systems are always scaleable.
  • Arranging end-to-end solutions that are most cost effective, such as upgrade of meters for FREE and grid connection optimization.
  • Offering our clients ethical finance and advising them against hire purchase or Solar Leasing.
  • Negotiating best solar power buy-back rates (power export) to our client, with ethical power retailers such as Power Edge offering our clients 12.5c on unlimited volume.


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