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Welcome to our Solar Advocate programwin-win-125

This is a 4 way win-win situation where youyour friend, us, and the environment, are all winning!

As a loyal client, you can have your next solar service free of charge. All you need to do is to refer another person who is likely to enjoy a solar system. When your friend purchases their solar solution from Solar Group, both you and your friend receive a free service. Just use the form bellow.

Refer multiple people to us, and we’ll reward you with a cash equivalent  for each sale that is a result of your referral!

* If you just had a service – we will refund your service fee.



* These fields are required.


  • Terms & Conditions

    1. The person that you are referring needs to purchase a solar system from us

    2. If your service took place within 90 days of your friends purchase, we will pay-back $172.50 to you

    3. If your service is due in future, we will credit your account immediately

    4. This special offer does not include parts that may need replacement during the service

    5. There is no limit on the amount of friends you can refer – if more than one friend purchases a

    system from us then we will redeem your reward to you in cash

    6. Credit is valued at the cost of a service at any time.

    7. Your account with Solar Group must be in good order to receive this offer.

Solar Advocates Logo

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